Year - 2013


Big Christmas 2013


Sri Lankans, as well as the Christian followers worldwide celebrate Christmas in grandeur and love to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus., which adds a speciality into their lives. Therefore, on a very special day like that, according to the practise of previous uears as well, Channel C brought the program "Big Christmas" with the participation of 10 popular Sri Lankan musical/singing stars. While enjoying the glory of Christmas, our loving audience was ale to experience wo hours of joy & happiness by sharing the experience, latest work, cherished memories of their beloved musical stars as well as listening to Christmas songs including the popular songs of the stars.



















Children's Day 2013


Children are like those flowers which try to bloom. They have their own world. It’s a very special thing for them. By giving them the love, affection and education from the birth, they want only to see them as good citizen to their country. So in this World’s Children’s Day, the day which celebrates all those wonderful things in their world, we Channel C decided to give them an opportunity to show their talents to the outside world of them. We decided to build up some programs consist of Singing, Dancing and other entertaining items. For that in collaboration with some selected children from pre-schools, schools and some artists from “Ranwala Balakaya”.
We hope, we colorized their day with some of those wonderful
programs. We, Channel C hope we brought out the best in
their world on their special day.

















Sri Dalada Perahera


As the first youth music channel in Sri Lankan television industry, we have brought you a huge range of programs. In addition to the programs which contains entertainment, knowledge that we brought to our lovely viewers, we have always brought you programs about the religious events and internationally known events such as the world’s mother’s day, the world’s children’s day and etc. We know that those programs meant a lot to you and you always appreciated our special programs.

For the first time in history, Channel C got the chance to cover a very important religious event which is recognized as a huge festival by Sri Lankans as well as the international community. It’s the Sri Dalada Perahera 2013 which is organized by the Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy. It was great opportunity for us to cover the last Kumbal Perahera which was on 15th of August 2013 and the first Randoli Perahera which wa on 16th of August 2013.

We had the opportunity to have a sneak peak of this event by the discussions with the local Sri Lankan community about their views regarding the event and also the discussions about the cultural and religious background of the event. So we, Channel C successfully covered the last Kumbal Perahera and also the first Randoli Perahera of the year which is consist of wonderful cultural dance items and also 90 elephants from the four fanes, Natha, Paththini, Vishnu and Katharagama.















Independence Day


In view of celebrating 65 year of independence in our Motherland, Channel C organized a line-up of special colorful programs.

Cinema celebrity Dulani Anuradha in conjunction with Channel C reminded us about the bravery and patriotism of our heroes who laid down their lives in the fight for freedom from their enemies who oppressed our people.

At several locations where monuments have been erected to commemorate the ultimate sacrifices made by our heroes, our presenter explained in detail the battles that had been fought against the enemy for over 2500 years. To honor our soldiers who paid the ultimate price and those who are dis-abled in the battle for freedom, Channel C visited a rehabilitation center in Ragama which offers free support and prosthetics for our disabled heroes.















Valentine's Day


Channel C successfully launched 2013 “Valentine’s Gift” competition. From over 200 applicants, ten suitable couples were selected to enter the first round. The ten couples were interviewed. The winning couple was chosen, and received; “Valentine’s Gift”, which consisted of “Full Board in a Luxurious Suite at the Galadari Hotel in Colombo” on Valentine’s Day.

The happy couple was filmed upon their arrival at the hotel, as they checked-in, strolled around the lobby area, had their welcome drinks, strolled around the swimming-pool area, they were filmed entering their suite and having a discussion with our presenter about their personal lives, while they relaxed leisurely. The lucky couple was filmed having dinner in the Restaurant the same evening and were filmed again as they departed from the hotel, the following morning.














Women's Day


"Protect her, who protects the family" is the theme of "Women's day 2013, which was conveyed to the whole country by Channel C, as we commemorated women's day.

During discussions with women from different walks of life, they commented on the meaning of this year's theme and the responsibilities they have to undertake.

The women who held discussion were from different professions and occupations in Arts, Culture and Entertainment, and had knowledge of the challenges women have to face, which they discussed, and also the legal protection women are entitled to from a female lawyer who was persent. A teacher commented on the way women should dress decently and conduct themselves in a modest and dignified manner.

Channel C Five Star


Channel C, the pioneer Youth Music Channel which commenced telecasting on March 10th 2008, celebrated its 5th anniversary on March 10th 2013. For the first time in Sri Lanka Channel C hosted a dinner for 5 winners and 5 popular stars in a 5 star hotel. The 5 popular stars were Infaaz, Suraj Mapa, Lahiru Perera, Gayesha Perera and Yureni Noshika.

They accompanied the 5 winners of the sms competition titled as “Channel C 5 Star” at dinner in a 5 Star Hotel.























Sinhala & Hindu New Year


The Sinhala and Tamil New year is celebrated to honor the Sun God, the village, city, livelihood and the environment. Buddhist traditions and exclusions, the background of the bonding between the New year, auspicious times and the mystical, and the celebration of the New year, according to present times. All these and the scientific and social reasons regarding the incidents that take place, but which we do not notice, as seen in the eyes of writers and poets, was discussed during the telecast of “Erabadhu Yaaye.”
The Venerable Uduve Dhammaloka thero , sociologist, clairvoyant, author and astrologer Venerable Swami Kali Kanagaratthinam and veteran of folk music and youth representative Sahan Ranawala, with the inclusion of four eminent persons, held discussions for around two hours during the telecast; on the topic of “Sharing of Knowledge and Happiness.”
With the concept of celebrating the Sinhala and Hindu New year, and the customary paying of homage to the Sun God, we at Channel C organized a program with the view of renewing our longstanding friendship with our loyal viewers. “Erabadhu yaaye” was the title of the special program which was held at the Dhewram Vehera in Pannipitiya; highlighting the importance of the festival.
All our loyal viewers were treated to a special morning on the day of the Sinhala and Hindu New year watching videos of the Ranwala dancing troupe perform their graceful dances, which included beautiful songs in relation to the festival were telecast by courtesy of Channel C.



































Mother's Day


Mother, the icon of immense love which is adored by thousands of children
all over the county itself, is a bond which is generated within our hearts
from the very first day we set foot on this world. The child who learns
first to have an outlook of life through the eyes of his mother while he is
still within her tries to become independent once he sees the light of the
real world around him. All through the phases of life, his mother’s
attentive eyes are set towards the direction of his journey providing him
with protection and love. As a tribute to such unique, incomparable and
unchanging love the Channel C gifted a special series of programs including
three sessions on 12th of March 2013 for our viewers.

The three sessions of this program which was planned and presented under
the theme “ Mathru Wandana” consisted of the following items.

Hence, the special program on mother’s day which was held at the
Suriyaarachchi Primary School, Gonahena, presented with the participation
of students of the school as well as their mothers stressed the changes
which occur in a woman’s life when she turns into a mother, the formation
of a strong bond of love between a mother and her children as well as the
sacrifices she tends to make for her children in order to make their lives
a better experience.

Another important event of the day was the enchanting of the qualities of
mothers by Sri Bakinigasmada Sumedha Thero of Sri Nagarjuna institution
which drew a tear to the eyes of all those who were present at the program.

Furthermore, Channel C was able to present a new experience of heart
catching series of poems based on the sacrifices and various kinds of
painful efforts and sufferings a mother should withheld in order to make
this world a better place for her children.

As the third session of the series of mother’s day programs, a lineup of
interviews were given by some of the well known and recognized
personalities of the country including Mr.Wasantha Dukgannarala,
Miss.Duleeka Marapana, Mr.Sarath Namalgama, Mr.Senaka Wijesinghe,
Miss.Ransi Ranasinghe, Mr.Norman Palihawadana, the media consultant of
Upali Newspapers and Mrs.Lalitha Kalansuriya, the head of Carlton Sisiliya
Sawiya which is an organization operated under the first lady.

On this day of paying tribute for the universal love of mothers, the
Channel C got together to provide a new and deep experience for the viewers
all over this motherland.















Vesak Day


So, on the day on which the world Buddhist population commemorate the birth, enlightenment and piriniwana of Lord Buddha, the greatest personality ever existed on earth, showering the world with great kindness breaking the boundaries of jealousy and hatred and taught the world of the way to attain Nibbana, the Channel C presented a special series of programs for the loving viewers to enrich their minds on the unique, respective commemoration of vesak.

As the first step of the program, an enchanting of Dhamma was held at Mahindaramaya, Athul Kotte. This event was held for an hour on the theme of the universal qualities of parents, by Moradawane Suneetha Thero and Okkampitiye Lankathilaka Thero.

Furthermore, Channel C was responsible of sponsoring the “Kalyani Waishakya Mangalya” organized by the students of the University Of Kalaniya and ‘Sampath Vesak Bethi Gee Saraniya’ which was held in the fascinating surroundings of Gangarama which was organized by the staff of Sampath Bank.

All these wonderful events were presented as a Vesak commemorating series to the viewers of Channel C who had been with us from the very start.